Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Across a nation, engaged anew
Voices never heard before cry out
The sound of a people with a purpose
The sense of something happening
Something reborn in beauty

Together,  we sing our song 
of future bold,  of hope fulfilled
Together we say that what has been
Has not been good for us
Together we stand for a new nation

Our power is not in old ownership 
But new and fresh, the dispossessed 
Demanding more,  demanding change
Demands not modest,  starkly put
From mouths ignored till now

A trajectory towards tomorrow's vote
That can't be changed or fettered 
A fearless face towards the future 
A desire stated boldly for justice
Denied by dealers in distraction

Tomorrow, let our stand be noble. 
With heads held high,  in spirit of love, 
Let us begin our betterment 
Let us decide our fate
Let us vote Yes.

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