Wednesday, September 10, 2014


A binary choice,  strange bedfellows maketh,
Murdoch and me we're no friends*
But polar positioning don't equal friendship
You'll find that we want different ends

I've got pals who'll vote no,
Some I call comrades too,
With whom I feel much more alike
Than digger billionaires
On the bandwagon jumped
I'd rather they jumped on a bike.

I'll still mark my x in the box labelled yes
For a country that's fair and that's free
From the evils of trident,  workfare and cruel war
And then I'll gae hame fur ma tea.**

*Rupert,  obviously. Pauline I'm very fond of.

** I'm not sure how Michael Marra would have voted. But hopefully he wouldn't mind the blatant theft in kind spirit.  Particularly not when I'm citing a pal none of my political friends know...

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