Monday, April 28, 2014

Keep on Walking

Keep on walking through the rain
ignore the blisters, deny the pain
another day, to reach Faslane
March on against the bomb

Bombs kill Pandas, people too
And we know what we have to do
Keep on walking, onward to
oppose a final slaughter

The songs and chat along the way
as old friends go, and new friends stay
fill us with hope, one coming day
we'll bring an end to Trident


Modernisation is,  I am led to believe,
the relentless drive in one direction,
with anybody who asks if it is the right one
labelled Luddite, mocked and scorned.

It is curious,  the way in which this concept
is applied as science, proving the need
for redundancies,  for cuts,  for lower pay,
but never for a shorter week.

Yet still,  those on top know
that we have never had it so good
and benevolent,  they tell us so.
So good they will freeze our pay,  cut our dole.

It's really good of them to tell us this,
as modern life can be confusing.
With so much going on,  if they didn't tell us,
we might think we were screwed.