About Hamish Drummond

Hamish Drummond is a well meaning Trade Union Hack based in Dundee. 

After winning Young Poet of the Borders in 1991 (under-12 category), he didn't really write anything for several years. 

He has started writing again of late, but only decided to make his efforts public in 2013, so the first few are a mix of "older" work from the past few years and more recent attempts.

His poetry is published at "First, Principles", while his very occasional political thoughts and pontifications on other matters can be found at "Musings from the Bearded Left".

At time of writing this potted Biography, Hamish is 34 years of age, single and bored enough to create an about page for his poetry blog.  He lists his hobbies as bad guitar, bad poetry, camping, watching too many movies and stealing jokes about writing about himself in the third person from Stephen Fry.

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