Tuesday, May 03, 2016

A girl and her bell

There's a story to tell
of a girl and her bell
that she shook with
a very loud clang
of how the girl fell
down a dark dingy well
and was saved when
her bell loudly rang

While out walking one day
she just happened to stray
into woods of which
grown ups had warned her
in a clearing she found
a dark hole in the ground
and fell down
when a frog landed on her

But her bell was to hand
the loudest in the land
and a woodsman was
passing and listening
he ran to her aid
and a rescue was made
he got a reward made of gold
that was glistening

But the lass was no fool
she could see it's not cool
not to listen to
warnings of danger
she still carries that bell
but now warns of the well
to us all be we
family or stranger.

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