Saturday, November 30, 2013

We're not on the run

They think they have us
we're not on the run
the battle's not over
our war is not done
we're girding our loins
to renew our fight
we'll take them all on
and we'll show them
we're right

They have the money
but we have the mass
they have the media
we stand as a class
together we're stronger
together we're feared
we'll show our rulers
what subjects
they've reared

united we'll conquer
divided they'll fall
workers together
we can have it all
we don't need to cower
to scrape or to bend
they fear our might
and we'll win
in the end

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Heading home

The livid late afternoon winter sun
Sets behind me in the West, over you,
As I drive away Eastwards, heading home
The sun sits low,  my mirrors sparkle
And I think of you, behind me,  bathed in light,
As I drive into the dark, towards Dundee.

The music in my car tells tales of romance
As I leave you behind, in the glow beyond the hills.
Other people's tales of love in song
Remind me that I have taken leave of you,
That our time together is curtailed once more.
As I drive into the dark,  towards Dundee.

To hold you brings a peace I need.
Thoughts of hasty embrace in borrowed time
Make me smile once more, thinking of you
And imagining what is yet to come, I find
the trip home less terrible,
As I drive into the dark,  towards Dundee.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Passion inspires

Passion inspires
And you have passion 

You convey an enthusiasm
That catches eyes,  turns heads.

Passion inspires
And you have passion. 

Your every word conveys it
The gleam in your eye shows it.

Passion inspires
And you inspire me.

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Keiss Morning

The pixillated reflections of sun on harbour water
dance squarely on internal walls
as the morning slowly becomes acceptable
to hungover heads

The sizzling of French toast promises
the settling of stomachs
roughened by beer
and a scent of bacon builds hope

The day to come offers rest, chatter
and a chance to explore.
table tennis tourneys
and a settling there of scores.

spirits rise by harbour walls
away from it all
at peace in Keiss