Sunday, February 22, 2015

They like silence

They like silence

Our rulers, they like silence. 
It suits them, serves their purpose 
the silent anonymity of those our rulers slew
denies the existence of our fallen
pretends they never were. 

The memory of those our rulers
could only silence in death
is a memory we hold dear
cherish, seek to recover
to give us strength today

And now we raise our voices
for those who cannot speak
we sing our songs of struggle
of solidarity, of freedom and truth
and give their memory life

Written in memory of those who vanished, but were not forgotten, 
from Tarancon and elsewhere.

The following translation is the work of Máximo Molina Gutiérrez, whose work in and around Tarancon to recover and preserve the memory of those who were killed is inspirational. 


A nuestros gobernantes, les gusta el silencio
Les viene bien, les sirve a sus fines
El anonimato silencioso de aquellos que los gobernantes mataron
niega la existencia de nuestros caídos,
pretende que nunca fueron.

La memoria de aquellos, que nuestros gobernantes
solo pudieron silenciar con la muerte,
es una memoria querida por nosotros
estimada, que buscamos recuperar
para que nos de fuerza hoy.

Y ahora levantamos nuestras voces
por aquellos que no pueden hablar,
cantamos nuestras canciones de lucha
de solidaridad, de libertad de verdad
Y le damos vida a su memoria.

Escrito en memoria de aquellos que desaparecieron, pero que no han sido olvidados,
de Tarancón, y de cualquier otro lugar.

Friday, February 13, 2015

No no, no, no, no no. (How you get old as a child of the nineties)

The cultural references of our youth age us
We continue in time, then they catch us out
Italia '90 was a quarter of a century ago
Many yesterdays have past since The Day Today
Fallen heroes fill the news, found out
And yet I still feel me.
No Limit was released in 1993.
And now I feel old.