Saturday, February 04, 2017

Smarten up, comrades!

There's a world to be won
If we find the right form
Of words to Unite us as one
If we can just set it down
With paper and pen
That'll be our utopia begun

If we state our cause clearly
With BBC tongue
And the best Windsor knot in our tie
Then they'll see us as equals
And partners we'll be
We'll no longer in poverty die

For they'll happily share out
The spoils from their hoard
If we just dress up smart and talk nice
They'll realise we're right
If we professionalise
We won't even have to ask twice

Don't you throw bricks through Windows!
You're stuck in a past
When the bosses were different from now
Just polish your shoes
And iron your shirt
It will all work out different somehow

And if they ignore us
We'll just smarten up more
For that's obviously what we've had wrong
Internationale offends them?
We'd best change the words
And sing a consensual song

We'll join their committees
And sign the reports
Saying something must change but no rush
And you at the back crying
Please just bear with us
Our partners work better with hush

We'll accept their honours
To change things from the Lords
Change is gradual, but don't you feel down
For I definitely think
They now listen far more
To me in my plush ermine gown

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