Thursday, November 28, 2013

Heading home

The livid late afternoon winter sun
Sets behind me in the West, over you,
As I drive away Eastwards, heading home
The sun sits low,  my mirrors sparkle
And I think of you, behind me,  bathed in light,
As I drive into the dark, towards Dundee.

The music in my car tells tales of romance
As I leave you behind, in the glow beyond the hills.
Other people's tales of love in song
Remind me that I have taken leave of you,
That our time together is curtailed once more.
As I drive into the dark,  towards Dundee.

To hold you brings a peace I need.
Thoughts of hasty embrace in borrowed time
Make me smile once more, thinking of you
And imagining what is yet to come, I find
the trip home less terrible,
As I drive into the dark,  towards Dundee.

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