Thursday, February 02, 2017

Dundee TUC

My rather dubious contribution to the celebrations of the 150th anniversary year of Dundee Trades Council.  The tune when sung is the same one Matt McGinn co-opted for "Big Sammy",  but I can't for the life of me think what the original song to the tune is. Anybody know?

Until the Law crumbles
together we'll stand
fir fair treatment at work and at hame
fir the folk ae oor city
an a' roond the world
we loudly,  wi' pride state oor claim.

We stand wi' oor comrades
Dundee TUC
We know that together we'll win
For as brothers and sisters
They can't break oor will
The trades council will never give in

Though long years they hae passed
There's nae stour on us
As we march wi oor banner held high
Fir a slight against one
Is a slight against a',
united wi one voice we cry

Those that came before us
we proodly reca' -
Their spirit lives on in oor fight.
Dundee's brave Brigaders,
Union weemin and men -
Their struggles were hard,  but were right.

A radical history
Still relevant noo
Fir today workers must fight back yet
Tae protect oor rights
Against them wid tak a',
At Trades Council, oor goals they are set

So behind oor shared banner
we march doon the hill
roond the city we mak our voice heard
Fir workers and weans
fir auld folks an a'
For an equal, and just, better world