Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Constitutional monarchy

Things are not the way they should be
One baby screams its way into a world
Conditioned to honour it
While thousands are born that will never
See their first birthday for want in a world of plenty.

To offer owt but joy for an unnamed sprog
Whose parents do *such a good job*
- In positions never advertised -
Is babyhating bucolic bluster
To be accepted is to toe the line.

The industry of adulation may well intrude on his private life,  
but the pay,  I hear, is good,  and the perks are marvelous.
You even get a uniform and staff discount on tax. 
And as for National Insurance...

My baby,  yet to come, 
will be loved and looked after.
My baby will learn that respect is earned through effort and application
My baby will learn to play,  and my baby will Learn to resent those that play the system
Of British hereditary wealth to maintain positions they don't deserve.

But they do *such good jobs*
*such hard jobs*
*Such noble jobs*

Tender the lot of them.
Advertise for others to take on their roles.
Pay them a market rate for these.
Let the market - which knows all -
decide if we might not be better
with a head of state that has lived a real life.

Then buy them a nice big suburban house, 
 pension of 25k a year each and let them reign over it. 
Possibly a cul de sac .
Maybe in Blantyre.
They knew about hard work there.

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