Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Elephants Like Burgers

This one was written a long time ago.  And reflects my own eating preferences of the time a lot more accurately than those of elephants.  It was nearly illustrated by someone that is good at such things .  But then it wasn't.  I still like it.

An elephant called Martin
went walking through the woods
looking for a corner shop
where he could buy some food

For elephants they don't like grass
or leaves, or nuts, or hay
No - Elephants like hot dogs
served with chips on a tray!

Elephants like burgers
served in twos and threes
much better than vegetables
or things that grow on trees

Martin found his corner shop
and bought a pastry slice
full of creamy ham and chicken
he thought it tasted nice

He followed it with lollipops
and lots and lots of sweets
mixed in with some ice cream
for elephants love treats!

An elephant called Martin
walked back through the wood
but Martin walked back slowly
as he was stuffed with food...

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