Friday, August 15, 2014


A thing of rarest beauty
sits just outwith our reach
Ours, if we focus,
give it all, grasp and pull.

Abandoning quicksand
that bogs us down
that with each passing day
saps us of our energies.

Refusing to be sucked in further,
to dilute our desires, our passions,
to compromise with milquetostes
in hopes of jam tomorrow.

triangulation towards a point
nowhere upon our map
yields power without purpose.
That is not for us.

We can reach out, affirm faith
in what we hope to be
In that future our children deserve
that we can see ahead.

The best of all possible worlds
is not this one.  And in this world
not all is for the best. but the best
we can be, we could be so simply.

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