Tuesday, August 06, 2013

What has Hiroshima to do with Dundee?

From the heart of Dundee rises the Law,
a solid volcanic plug from which the city can be seen
miniaturised by perspective
shrunk by our relative height.

On Hiroshima Day, we gather
we remember all those who died
an indiscriminate death to prove a hollow point.
A death callous in its impersonality.

We stand together, and we remember them all.
We hope their death may at least prevent more,
but we contemplate what more would mean
to us, to our Dundee.

Spread out around us we see the homes of our friends
we see the world as we know it intimately
and we see, more than ever on Hiroshima Day,
how fragile that world is.

If one bomb could end it all,
if one bomb could take away those we love
if one bomb could destroy all that we know,
then the rock of the Law is as sand.

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